Cathay Pacific Airways has a new AirBus aircraft in their lineup, the AirBus A350-1000!

Cathay Pacific Airways has a new AirBus aircraft in their lineup, the AirBus A350-1000!

Cathay Pacific Airways has a new AirBus aircraft in their lineup, the AirBus A350-1000!
This new model can carry a total of 334 passengers and provides 3 different seating options between the Business, Premium Economy, and Economy classes.

The aircraft only flies from Bangkok to Hong Kong at the moment, but will expand to other destinations starting with Washington DC on September 15th and Madrid, Tel Aviv, Manchester, and Zurich in late 2018

The AirBus A350-1000
This review will be separated into 4 sections:
1- Premium Economy Class
2- Business Class
3- Economy Class
4- Cathay Pacific’s Lounge at Suvarnabhumi and Hong Kong International Airport

Let’s quickly introduce Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy Class.
Premium Economy is a seating class that features the elements from Business class (Comfortable seats and legroom, higher quality TV screens, and noise-cancelling headphones) but at a lower price point.

Premium Economy passengers can also enjoy a special Check-In counter !

Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy class is located right behind the Business class.

Seating Arrangement
Business Class: 1-2-1
Premium Economy Class: 2-4-2
Economy Class: 3-3-3

With this seating arrangement, you can tell that Premium Economy will have much more room compared to Economy Class

First impressions on the new Premium Economy seats… They were absolutely spacious! We were on the first row, so there was even more space! (30A / 30B / 30H / 30K) In total, there are 32 Premium Economy seats per flight.

The seats can be adjusted with 3 articulated points.

They also provide Noise-Cancelling headphones.

And these are some of the available meal selections at the Premium Economy Class

The Premium Economy seats were really comfortable, and had more than enough space to take a lot of photos.

We managed to take several photos of the Business Class. In this Aircraft, there are a total of 46 Business Class seats.

Economy Class : The Economy section also very comfortable, with ample legroom.

This is the Cathay Pacific Lounge at Suvarnabhumi airport, along with some of the food options, which can vary depending on the time of day.

Lounge at Hong Kong : At the Hong Kong airport, there are 5 Cathay Pacific lounges located throughout the terminals, and they all look very luxurious! No matter which gate your flight is located at, there will always be a lounge nearby.

There were a lot of passengers at the lounge in today’s visit, so we don’t have many photos on the seating areas.

Since we arrived during the later hours of the day, our food selection primarily focused on main courses, with 4 noodle options at the noodle bar and Sweet and Sour Pork
They also had some appetizers and sides including dim sum, salads, cold cuts, desserts, and more.

For their Dim Sum selection, we definitely enjoyed the BBQ Pork and Custard steamed buns. They are very fluffy and full of flavor. The Sweet and Sour Pork and Salads were also delicious. If you are flying on their Business class, you should always come early and enjoy their lounge!

The lounge at Hong Kong also features a shower room, so that passengers can feel refreshed as they embark on their flight!

Overall, Cathay Pacific’s new AirBus A350-1000 is absolutely outstanding! If you are travelling in one of the routes this new aircraft flies through, We definitely recommend you to experience the new technology the A350-1000 has to offer!

Check out our video on the new Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000 here
Get a closer look at their new Premium Economy class

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